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Training is an ongoing practice at Gunnedah Workshop Enterprises Ltd.  Our aim is to give our employees as many opportunities as possible to improve and enhance their skills and qualifications.  Below is a list of some of the training that we may be able to provide for individuals.

  • *Skill training in all work areas
  • *Workplace health and safety
  • *Basic computer operation
  • *Forklift licenses
  • *Life skills including budgeting
  • *Customer service
  • *Stress management
  • *Mentoring
  • *Meeting participation

We also have regular meetings to talk about safety and the standards that employees and their supervisors require at work. At these meetings we encourage everyone to have their say as we work together to improve our organization. 
The active involvement of family, friends, carers and advocates is also encouraged in planning and reviewing services for each individual.
We can also help employees with any personal problems by putting them in touch with the appropriate person or organisation able to give assistance.



Recyclit Logo

At Recyclit people are employed to carry out many different tasks, some of these are:

  • *Truck driving
  • *Utility driving
  • *Tractor driving
  • *Forklift operation
  • *Lawn mowing
  • *Paper shredding
  • *Cleaning
  • *Sorting glass, plastic , paper and cardboard
  • *Carrying out commercial collections of recyclable product
  • *Filling presses for baling products
  • *Operating presses and strapping bales
  • *Customer service
  • *DrumMuster collection

We provide training to do any of the above jobs and many more skills including tying ropes, workplace safety and maintenance, training for vehicle licenses and basic first aid. 







Mooki Woodwoks

In the woodworks area we manufacture custom orders and restore furniture including outdoor settings and dog kennels.  We also make a large variety of survey pegs and garden stakes.

In Mooki Woodworks we employ and train people to carry out:
▪ Safety in the workshop           ▪ Laborer work 
▪ Measuring/Ordering                ▪ Customer service                
▪ Saw operation                       ▪ Design & planning       
▪ Power tool operation               ▪ Hand tool use   
▪ Furniture manufacturing          ▪ Painting & sanding 

Community ContractsTop Hat Costumes

In Community Contracts we offer a pamphlet and newsletter folding service, bulk photocopying and package items for local businesses.  We recycle clean rag which is sold by the bag and also operate the Top Hat Costume Hire.

We deliver an activities program two afternoons a week where we enhance fine motor skills through crafts and games and life skills such as cooking, money handling and social interaction.

In this area we employ and train people (where they are able) to carry out the following tasks:

  • Folding                              ▪   Ironing     
  • Packaging                          ▪   Cutting
  • Customer Service                ▪   Cleaning
  • Personal hygiene skills          ▪   Life skills
  • Money handling                  ▪   Cooking     
  • Creative development           ▪   Craft & art activities






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